About Wiselink

Shariah structured & legally compliant joint ventures that ensure safety and security for the astute investor/ consortium.
Transparent operating structure that provides our investors with specific financial information concerning their investments in a timely manner.
Honesty & integrity being our key ingredients for ensuring business success.

WiseLink Corporation is proud to be associated with the LCH Group (Low Cost Housing Group)

Being LCH’s key investment arm, we aim to establish key partnerships all over the world.

Our aim is to deliver consistent and strong investment returns for our investors along with providing them ample investment options. We guarantee peace of mind through our business structure.

Our process efficiency ensures that our investors are secured from all stand points.

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Sayed Azam
A seasoned entrepreneur with significant background in information technology procurement and business to consumer paradigm, Sayed Azam joined the LCH board in 2016 heading key areas such as finance, hr & marketing. His success at the LCH Group in delivering a phenomenal rate of investment returns got him a founding role at WiseLink.
Waseem Ghulam JP
Waseem always had a vision to create a sustainable business around affordable housing. This gave birth to Low Cost Housing (LCH) in 2015. LCH gained significant popularity with over 300 customers purchasing interest free land over 6 projects in Sydney and Melbourne in a short time frame of 18 months. Waseem consistently endeavor’s to help out the local community and currently occupies key board positions in non-profit organizations. In 2016 he got appointed as an NSW Justice of the Peace by the NSW Attorney General’s office.
Ahmed Hafez
An experienced professional with over 10 years of corporate communications and public relations, Ahmed Hafez carries a skill set in a multitude of industries along with exposure to various cultures including Middle Eastern and European business environments.